Hidden Chronicles

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In addition to the ever-popular Browsergames on Bildspielt.de, now there is the mystic riddle game Hidden Chronicles coming up for gamers who like to act as a detective.

Hidden Chronicles takes you into the world of Ramsey Manor, its hidden rooms, its mysterious occupants and neighbors. As usual in hidden-object games, you as a player have the task to discover different objects in different scenes in a possibly short time.

On the hunt for the killers of your uncle you reveal gradually more and more secrets, find forgotten places and fathom the stories of the artifacts. You are not on your own: The assistant of your uncle is very familiar with the house, so you can talk with him about each newly discovered room and he will give you valuable tips along your way through the mysterious estate.

But whom may you trust?

This is by far not your only challenge. In addition to the discovery of ancient artifacts, and your search for the murderers of your uncle, it is also your responsibility as the new guardian to take over Ramsey Manor. Intrigues between the inhabitants of the house are making your job more difficult because you have to decide who you want to give your full trust and whom you'd better keep an eye on.

Bring new Brilliance to the dusty Manor

In addition to the discovery of new objects and secret rooms your progress will be rewarded with trophies and coins with which you can make the property suitable to your taste. Hidden Object mini-games or fast riddles, which expire after one minute, provide a good mixture in between.

Can you identify your uncle`s murderer and are you brave enough to confront the dangers of Ramsey Manor? Then get started and make acquaintance with the magnificent property and its well-kept secrets!

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