Brick-Force: if you like to build things first before you break them, then Brick-Force is the game for you!

This brand-new shooter doesn’t just let you run wild with your AK47, it also gives you all the tools you need to create exciting maps and playgrounds for you and your friends.

Brick-Force doesn’t just look like a box of Lego toys, it also plays like one! In Brick-Force’s mighty map creator, you run around with a power drill and stack walls, doors, windows, plants and more exotic building blocks to create a unique environment that you can then share with other players.

Maps are rated after each game, so Brick-Force gives you the chance to be on the top of the rankings even if your aim isn’t as steady as that of your friends.

Brick-Force isn’t all cuteness and child’s play though, as you will soon find out once you enter the Minecraft-style deathmatch-arenas. Playing Brick-Force’s shooter part is like stepping back in time to the good old days of id Software and Epic Games.

The shooting experience is pure and not made overly complicated by different player classes. Weapons are straightforward and deadly, and player-customization comes in the form of unique outfits. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and a Counter-Strike like “Blast Mode” offer hours of fun for fans of easy-to-play, hard-to-master shooters.

Build! Shoot! Win! Start playing Brick-Force now on POPMOG! It’s free!

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